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Software Engineer

Madhav Poudel


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Results-driven and innovative Full Stack Software Engineer with a proven track record of successfully tackling complex development challenges. With 8+ years of hands-on industry experience, I am deeply passionate about creating cutting-edge solutions that deliver exceptional user experiences. My versatile skill set, spanning both front-end and back-end technologies, allows me to take a holistic approach to software development, ensuring seamless end-to-end project delivery. I thrive in dynamic and agile environments, continually adapting to emerging technologies and collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams.


Senior Blockchain Engineer

Jul 2022 - Present


  • Coordinate with a team to develop a NFT marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in 3 blockchain networks (buy, sell, trade on Ethereum and Polygon & view on Solana).
  • Work closely with an agile blockchain team to complete various epics through sprints working in conjunction with cross functional teams (unreal engine team, marketing team, and art team).
  • Supported live services and made improvements based on community feedback. Examples include accepting crypto payments on Polygon to reduce gas fees and building a user-friendly NFT staking app.
  • Made technology recommendations by staying up-to-date on new development and platforms, and taking the lead in setting up those tools. Examples include using Next.js and Nexth to enhance user experience in the NFT marketplace and reducing operating costs for the Mine Runner game by upgrading from serverless to containerized services.
  • Developed a solution for distributing cryptocurrency rewards to eligible users, utilizing a smart contract on Ethereum to verify criteria from a centralized database and distribute rewards. Rewards were successfully distributed to 434 wallets

Software Engineer

Jan 2021 - Present

Crumet Tech

  • Led a team of 6 developers to successfully develop and deliver robust digital wallet, DeFi exchange (fork), Lending protocol (fork), and NFT applications, resulting in customer retention rates ranging from 25% to 90%.
  • Utilized NodeJS and GraphQL to create efficient APIs for both internal and external use, resulting in a 10% reduction in the time required to implement new front-end features.
  • Collaborated closely with an agile software development team, working in conjunction with developers and engineers from external companies, to complete various epics through iterative sprints.
  • Played a key role in establishing software development best practices within the organization, sharing example code changes from the team to contribute to the formulation of these practices.
  • Stayed updated on emerging technologies, platforms, and development trends, enabling me to make informed technology recommendations and identify suitable tools for specific tasks. Took the lead in implementing these recommended tools.
  • Led the developer team in ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards and accurate fulfillment of requirements, ensuring the delivery of top-notch software solutions.

Full Stack Developer

Jun 2014 - Dec 2019


  • Developed a B2B app that connects institutes and workshops for vehicle maintenance. The app provides information on vehicle maintenance and helps institutes and workshops find qualified partners.
  • Worked extensively on client projects involving blockchain technologies, including the development of DeFi exchanges and lending protocols.
  • Leveraged JavaScript frameworks like React and Node.js to create ecommerce websites integrated with RESTful web services such as Stripe for payment processing and live chat functionality.
  • Successfully revamped legacy applications by migrating them to modern stacks and cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP, resulting in a significant 60% reduction in latency.
  • Conducted thorough security assessments and provided recommendations for disaster recovery, data backups, software tests, and implementation of best practices.
  • Played a crucial role in optimizing existing databases, as well as participating in the re-architecture and redesigning of the database, resulting in improved application speed and performance.


Master’s in Computer Science

Jan 2020 - Dec 2021

Northern Arizona University

Worked on different projects using C, C++, R, Java, Python, and Javascript.

Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering

Nov 2014 - Sep 2018

Tribhuvan University